Moisture replenishing creme was developed by the Lotus Group, Inc. in 1995 from the research observations patented in the United States in 1993 by Dr. Stephen J. Keller. The basic research identified new peptide factors in natural extracts of baker's yeast, which stimulated the normal growth and respiration of epidermoid and fibroblast skin cells. The new peptides (Skin Renewal Factors) were combined with vitamin A and vitamin E in a non-greasy, non-fragrant creme base. The product is formulated under strict G.M.P.s (good manufacturing practices) in 35,000 square foot facility that is registered with the FDA. The all-natural active ingredients are designed to allow skin to normally recover its youthful properties by promoting the skin's ability to breath and replenish itself with new cells.

Skin Renewal Factors have been studied in many laboratories and clinics for the past 70 years. A selected bibliography of important research articles is referenced as well as the publications on human skin. The non-pure form of Skin Renewal Factor (LYCD) has been identified as the active ingredient in wound and burn healing ointments, hemorrhoidal products, anti-wrinkling creams, toothpaste and acne medications. The current state of its use on the skin was published in the Federal Register by the FDA. LYCD is an extremely stable active ingredient and is considered by the FDA as safe for topical applications.